We are a small team of poets and practitioners who are learning how to live and love like Jesus. We believe in incarnational storytelling and create unique resources and spaces for others to engage and embrace Jesus on the Way.

We are led by Craig Bowler who grew up in Peppersauce Canyon. He’s got the stories, scars (literally) and the songs to prove it.


Summer Letters.png

“Our world is full of books that attempt to help the reader by giving examples of success.  Like, “This is how I achieved this or that in life,” and many times only sharing those stories that place the author in a very positive light.  Often, this approach has a poor effect on the reader, “Wow! The author sure is great, but I could never do any of that because I’m not them.”  This is exactly what Craig Bowler’s book, Summer Letters, is not.  It’s extremely rare to read a book that is so raw and real, that describes real life as it really happened, with all it’s bumps, bruises, and black eyes.Craig pulls back the curtains of his soul and allows us to see him as he was and is, and to find ourselves relating to his struggles in a very real way.  It’s refreshing, instructive, and at the same time, hysterically funny.  You will enjoy every minute of it!”
Brad Parkhurst, Senior Pastor Vertical Life Church


“When I was a kid watching morning T.V. at home, Sesame Street was brought to me by the letters; A, B, C, etc. Bowler’s new book is brought to us by the letters; Romance, Parties, Kids, Grace, Regret, Intimacy, Blessing, Hurt & Home (to name a few). Each comes as a special delivery for any home searching soul. To be clear, one can find home without reading Summer Letters, but journeys are always most interesting companions.”

Rob Birks, Author of ORSBORNAGAIN & Someone Cared